Company Profile

Company Overview

3D perception designs and supplies turnkey seamless visual display systems and technologies for simulation and visualization applications. 3D perception’s Northstar™ ecosystem of multi-projector display technologies empowers our customers and their programs with precision automatic image alignment, automatic color calibration, and the ease of push-button operation and maintenance.

Serving civilian and defense simulation sectors around the world since 1997, 3D perception has a proven track record of ensuring performance and quality from design to installation and throughout life cycle. As the predominant provider of immersive, curved screen, multi-projected display solutions, 3DP systems are in operation worldwide, with over 9,000 visual channels fielded.

Product and Services

Northstar™ is 3D perception’s turn-key simulation display solution, and is the fusion of the following major components, which are further described in later proposal sections:

nBox™ - multichannel image processor and display manager. nBox is the heart of the Northstar display eco-system. nBox is a rack-mountable next-generation, zero frame latency, multi-projector display processor for seamlessly blending multiple projectors onto immersive screens. nBox warps, blends and color corrects content, and displays imagery on any screen shape.

Aurora™ - instrumented smart screen for automatic image alignment. Aurora screens are key to Northstar’s automatic geometry correction, edge blending, and color alignment. Embedded sensor-at-the-surface technology analyzes projected images and communicates with nBox for precision adjustment for warp, blend, color, and intensity calibration.

StarScan™ - 3D automatic image alignment scanner. StarScan provides detailed measurement and alignment of display system geometry using high precision gimbal pointing, and laser rangefinding.

Northstar Certified Projectors™ - professional simulation-grade projectors. Specific projectors that pass 3DP’s qualification of fit for use in professional simulation environments when combined with other Northstar technologies.

Dynamic Optical Blenders™ - precision edge blending for any time of day. Dynamic Optical Blenders optimize image quality and provide precision edge blending for day through night and night vision goggle (NVG) training.