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Adacel develops advanced simulation and training systems for military and commercial use and has pioneered the application of speech technology to direct voice interactive control of computer-generated entities in training systems. The company's S&T product family includes a full suite of tools for basic and advanced ATC training, security and police training systems, flight-line driver simulators, automated ATC environments for flight simulator training and tactical voice applications. Products range from high-definition simulators to smaller, rapidly deployable systems. Adacel has built an international reputation for its products and services through commitment to technological leadership and customer support.

Product and Services

Lexix Speech Recognition system performance optimized for integration with simulation and voice command systems.

ATC Simulators and Training systems for both fixed base and remote field training. Products are aimed at providing the appropriate mix of simulators and other tools to take students from the basics of phraseology and communications learning to the advanced skills required to be a competent controller.

Aviation Phraseology Training Device is used for training aviation specific vocabulary, particularly useful for non-native English learners.

Airport Driving Simulator is used to train drivers for safe operation on airport maneuvering areas.

VAST Interactive Security Simulator is a one-of-a-kind training system that has proven to be highly effective in training operators at secure defense facilities.

ATCiB (Air Traffic Control in a Box) is an automated, interactive ATC environment for flight simulators.

Police First simulator for situational de-escalation training to avoid need for deadly force.

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