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Company Overview

AFV Sim specialises in providing devices to assist training the operators of armoured land vehicles and platforms. Founded in 2005 and classed as a micro enterprise, AFV Sim has developed a worldwide reputation for supplying high fidelity emulated training versions of the hardware equipment used in Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Remote Weapon Stations. Our devices have the required form, fit and function of the original equipment to develop and sustain basic and advanced skill levels.

Product and Services

Desktop Trainers for Gunners, Commanders and Drivers.

CV9030/35/40 IFV
Warrior IFV
M2 Bradley IFV
Leopard 1 MBT
Leopard 2 MBT
Challenger 2 MBT
M1 Abrams MBT
Lemur RWS
Protector RWS

All the devices have a USB interface and are compatible with game-based military simulation training software.