Company Profile

Company Overview

Agueris designs, develops, integrates, deploys and supports military simulation solutions for land/airland weapon systems and vehicles. Especially, Agueris designs vehicle specific simulators and gunnery training solutions.
Our mission: optimize operational efficiency through cost-effective training and simulation. The company is a pioneer in embedded simulation, with proven and deployed solutions, and has developed an original concept called the virtual cockpit, a high-fidelity real-time 3D solution, which allows to position the trainee in a highly realistic immersive environment.
With a proven expertise and a team of 25+ years experience in military simulation, Agueris is a fully-owned subsidiary of CMI Defence group.

Product and Services

Agueris has developed and deployed scalable training solutions that rest on two concepts. The first one is generic virtual simulation: generic gunnery training simulators are based upon a virtual immersive cockpit concept which offers unprecedented features. This concept rests on a virtual representation of the turret cockpit or the inside of the vehicle, into which out-of-the-window imagery is injected.
Agueris generic virtual simulation concept covers all “train as you fight” requirements: the trainees interact with high fidelity commands and controls, within an immersive photorealistic 3D environment. In addition, virtual cockpit simulators can be adapted to provide an all-in-one training solution by dynamically switching between multiple weapon systems and vehicles on a single trainer. This solution is cost-effective as only one simulator is used, without the need to redevelop specific simulators for new systems. It allows to easily adapt to the lifecycle of equipment (retrofits or upgrades) and it enables to train multiple crews on different systems, simultaneously.
The second concept is embedded simulation. Agueris was amongst the first to operationally deploy embedded simulation solutions. Embedded simulation enables weapon systems operators to train at technical and tactical levels, using the real-world equipment (turret or vehicle), stimulated by simulation.
Agueris technology allows to inject a complete ground forces virtual scenario, including friendly and enemy forces, into a vehicle on-board systems, and provide the crew with a realistic way of training while keeping costs to a minimum. This ability to train and practice anytime and anywhere in the combat system is a capability never before enjoyed by any modern fighting force.
Agueris solutions are used both in training schools to train the officers for their first mission as commanders, and ensure basic training of drivers and gunners, or within operational units to maintain operational knowhow at all levels: crew – patrol – platoon – battlegroup