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Alion Science and Technology delivers agile engineering, IT and operational solutions to strengthen national security. Alion's engineered solutions support smarter decision-making and enhanced readiness in rapidly changing environments. Building on 80 years of R&D experience and innovation, we bring expertise and insight to multiple business areas, including modeling, simulation and training. From serious games, decision support and geospatial data imaging to human-systems integration and wireless spectrum modeling, Alion takes concepts from the lab to the battlespace to help you achieve your mission.

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Alion is the prime contractor and lead developer for the Navy Continuous Training Environment, an integrating architecture (i.e., a system of networks, constructive simulation, simulation routing equipment, data translation devices and C4I systems) that forms a virtual range for distributed synthetic training and experimentation.

Alion provides fully interactive training with serious games: the Navigation System Maintenance Trainer used for troubleshooting, maintenance and casualty-control procedures for navigation systems on the DDG-51 and the Virtual Maintenance Performance Aid, offering casualty- and damage-control training on the LCS.

Alion develops deployable, high-fidelity tactical team trainers that incorporate aircraft, vessel or vehicle software for realistic training of Navy P-3 and SH-60 aircrews, LCS-1, LCS-2 and other surface ship crews and land-based warfighters.

Alion produces high-resolution, correlated M&S terrain databases with a full suite of live, virtual and constructive products for experimentation, training and analysis, which are used in a variety of government and commercial off-the shelf simulations and training platforms.

Alion is lead developer for the Navy Training Baseline (NTB) suite of simulation tools, which includes:

• Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF) entity-level simulation generates the Joint service military forces, opposition forces and civilian platforms operating within a synthetic environment.

• Joint Simulation Bus (JBUS) data translator enables interoperability between simulations and simulators and links them with live command and control systems.

• Simulation Aware Router (SAR) distributes simulation across the NCTE via High Level Architecture distribution technology.

• Multi-Host Automated Remote Control and Instrumentation (MARCI) provides control and monitoring of distributed networked simulations from a single workstation.

Alion's Safe Surgery Trainer (SST), (developed with partners UCF, IDEAS and Synensis Health) is the first patient-safety training-game for perioperative teams. SST addresses the root causes of surgical suite mistakes: poor communication and teamwork. Medical personnel interact with scenarios that help to reinforce safety protocols and improve safety outcomes for patients.

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