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AVT will provide expert, cost-effective engineering services and product solutions to our customers. We will target gaps not well supported by traditional suppliers. We will do so in a manner commensurate with our heritage and values, keeping first things first to provide for our customers, our employees and our families.

Product and Services

AVT Simulation's key products and solutions include the Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT), Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), Apache Gunnery Trainer (AGT), Receiver Aerial Refueling part-task trainer (RAR), Combined Aircrew Mission Task Trainer (CAMTT), and database development. Our engineering solution services includes visual content/database development, training systems development, maintenance, modifications, and upgrades. We focus on visual system engineering with display and image generator services, serious gaming technology, and virtual world development. Our software engineering support services includes post deployment software support, reverse engineering and visual systems research and development.

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