Company Profile

Company Overview

B-Design3D Ltd. is a world expert in 3D content creation for training and simulation systems. Our main goal is to provide geographically accurate visual databases at the best visual quality in order to provide trainees a realistic and immersive experience. Our 3D content creation team has a wide and profound knowledge of most of the industry's modeling and simulation technologies, tools and formats. Our professional services provide worldwide training and simulation system manufacturers a cost-effective and effortless way to integrate custom-made visual databases in any size, detail and resolution into their systems.

Product and Services

(a) 3-D models of airports including terminals: up to FAA's Level D standard, for ATC training systems, flight simulators and command and control systems;

(b) Ground-level simulation: visual databases for road/ off-road driving, infantry, tanks, reconnaissance, etc., in ultra-high resolutions. In some cases we use procedural rendering technology in order to reach highly realistic ground representation without impairing the performance;

(c) Building interior models: fully accurate, CAD-based models of the interior of any type of building. Interior models are optimized for real-time walk-through and monitoring;

(d) Geo-specific urban visual databases: full city models with real fades applied automatically to all of the buildings (geo-specific), by our unique Rapid Urban Modeler (RUM) technology;

(e) Geo-typical urban visual databases: full city models in which all buildings are in their accurate location, footprint and height but with typical facades. Typical visual databases usually include some specific city landmarks in order to improve realism and trainee orientation;

(f) Sensor visual databases: Infra-Red, SAR and NVG visual databases based on the actual sensor visual display.