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Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes around the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop visual, audio, and sharing solutions to help deliver an optimal solution. Our rich heritage in simulation & training is reflected by our continued dedication to being the only projection company that develops and fully supports purpose-built projectors for the needs of this market, with a focused R&D and customer service team. Our mission is to deliver the highest performing simulation & training products which increase the overall value of the training experience, simulator availability, and reduction of risk for our customers.

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Barco brings the most scalable projection product line in terms of price/performance to the simulation & training market. Our large portfolio consists of high-performance laser-based projectors as well as value-oriented lamp-based projectors, giving customers the opportunity to select the Barco product that best suits their needs in terms of budget and performance. Dedicated projectors for night vision stimulaton are also available.

Barco has also introduced a high-quality fully immersive audio solution- Barco AudioCue- which is a real-time 3D sound system for simulation and training systems. Barco AudioCue helps elevate the complete sensory experience of trainees by taking them beyond their visual cues, enabling them to process sound as it is meant to be heard.



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