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Bihrle Applied Research Inc. (BAR) is an aeronautical research & development company specializing in the development of flight-representative software math models for military & commercial fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including full-envelope modeling, malfunction modeling and upset/recovery modeling. BAR successfully incorporates such flight models into a wide range of customer applications, including engineering workstations, Full Flight Simulators, hardware-in-the-loop simulators and UAS crew training simulators. BAR also specializes in the acquisition of aerodynamics data, using innovative wind tunnel test techniques, pioneered by BAR, to accurately describe air vehicle behaviors in the most challenging flight regimes, i.e., stall, post-stall, spin, departure & recovery.

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StallBox: StallBox is a hardware/software solution developed by BAR that provides the ability to easily retrofit existing flight simulators with additional/enhanced models, such as stall and post-stall models, designed to add new (or improve existing) training capabilities. Mobile and/or system-integrated instructor displays are also available with the StallBox solution.

Currently in use by both commercial and military customers, StallBox provides airlines and training centers with a robust solution to meet the latest FAA Part 121 requirement for enhanced stall models and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Leveraging BAR’s 40+ years of expertise in aerodynamics data collection and modeling of complex flight regimes, StallBox is well-positioned to provide the domestic and international commercial pilot training community with a proven solution for meeting this critical pilot training requirement.

Aircraft Math Model Development: BAR specializes in the development of software math models for military and civil fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, including full-envelope modeling, upset recovery modeling, and failure/malfunction modeling. Using a variety of data sources, including computational predictive tools, wind-tunnel data and flight data, BAR develops cost-effective flight models that meet the fidelity requirements of any customer’s simulator program. BAR provides on-site engineering support for flight model integration and simulator validation & acceptance, and supplies software tools for efficiently conducting verification, validation and re-certification.

UAS Crew Training Simulation: BAR leads the UAS industry in development of physics-based models of UAS and crew training simulators. BAR’s high-fidelity UAS math models include quad-copters that incorporate four independent blade-element models, allowing realistic response to flight conditions as well as accurately modeling failures and degraded modes, e.g., rotor failure, lost communications link, limited GPS satellites, etc. BAR incorporates fully-functional emulated pilot controllers, head-mounted displays, 3D flow field modeling and custom visual models for delivering the most immersive and accurate UAS crew training devices on the market.



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