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Our mission is to assure, through our innovative training management technologies, that forces are relentlessly prepared for combat. Delivered by experts who ensure our products' precise fit to distinct military needs, our solutions manage and optimize complex, costly and highly demanding individual preparedness and unit readiness training. Our comprehensive training management platform systemizes and enhances training design, delivery, evaluation and monitoring. Our breakthrough optimization solutions delivers the most advantageous, cost-effective, and valid defense training planning, scheduling and resource utilization. These solutions not only ensure that training is effective, mission-relevant and time-saving, they enable defense forces to do better with less.

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Because executing military training is complex and expensive, it must be developed and performed with the utmost efficiency. Commanders, SMEs and instructors must build mission-relevant training for a mix of professions. For each role/unit there are numerous phases of multi-echelon basic, joint, recurrent, schoolhouse, field and combat training, assessed both at the unit and individual level. Defense training involves building schedules that pair diverse units with numerous costly resources, including simulators, weapons, firing zones, vehicles, aircraft, and paramedics, while complying with demanding military rules, restrictions, constraints and standards.

Britannica's training optimization engine, the first of its kind, enables military training operations to do better with less by increasing training capacity and maximizing resources. Our systems help forces design optimized, relevant training by systematically defining multi-level individual/unit tasks/skills, then building training programs that measure gaps against readiness objectives and KPIs. Our optimization engine takes training design resource and personnel requirements, and automatically and adeptly builds the most readiness-optimized, compliant training plans and schedules at the least possible cost. Both the time to plan training and the training timeline are shortened and optimized.

In addition to optimizing daily defense force training, this engine is vital to supporting training changes, such as the adoption of additional platforms or training centers. Our solutions forecast utilization and throughput rates, maximizing efficiency and reducing time-to-operation.

Our solution is also critical in times of conflict and escalated REDCON levels. In those scenarios, it automatically eliminates training predetermined as less critical, enabling command to send forces to combat faster.

As a comprehensive solution, it replaces the many separate scheduling management systems that operate within a defense force. A single integrated system is less expensive to maintain, reducing the total cost of ownership. It also avoids the difficulties and mistakes that occur when there are multiple systems.

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