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Staying ahead in defence & security requires constant dynamic change. New equipment and processes need to be effectively integrated, new ideas tested, whilst all the while maintaining effective capability. Understanding the best ways to stay ahead and delivering effective solutions to implement change is challenging. At Cervus we combine experience, knowledge, experimentation, testing and data analysis to deliver exceptional understanding. We empower customers with accurate information to help ensure you make the right decisions at the right times. We also deliver highly effective training to ensure that new processes and equipment are integrated seamlessly and efficiently into any organisation.

Product and Services

I-DES- Information - Decision Evaluation System: Cervus Defence has developed a comprehensive training system I-DES, that utilises cutting edge AI and voice recognition technology. I-DES captures, stores, measures and evaluates both voice communications and other key C2 data during operational training.

TDx-Training Data Exploitation Service: TDx harvests and categorises a huge variety of Collective Training data including outputs from TES, CAST, CATT and observer comments, processing this information and analysing it before delivering clear insights and understanding using unique visual reporting tools. The service also provides detailed analysis of the long-term trends that have been captured as well as informing contracting authorities evidence of training systems performance