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CM Labs Simulation provides a complete virtual simulation and visualisation platform for advanced ground vehicle, maritime and heavy equipment simulations for own-ship operational and tactical training applications on land and sea. CM Labs also offers simulation consulting services, from vehicle dynamics modelling and third-party system integration to custom simulator design and assembly. CM Labs has helped system integrators create advanced training simulators for training, from basic driving operations to convoy operations with multiple participants, as well as logistics and engineering scenarios, such as vehicle recovery and Army Corps heavy equipment training.

Product and Services

Vortex Studio, CM Labs Simulation’s virtual simulation and visualisation platform, provides a fully integrated simulation toolkit for training applications. It combines an engineering-grade multi-body dynamics engine, off-the-shelf desktop simulation content creation applications, a fully integrated multi-channel game-quality visual system and tools to configure and deploy simulations for virtual training. The platform can easily be extended with third-party hardware and software solutions with its available software development kit.

The integrated game-quality multi-channel visual system, offers dynamic lighting and weather effects, ocean/wave visualization, particle-based dust and smoke, and modern material rendering support. It lets users experience simulations with high-quality visuals, from desktop to advanced multi-channel visual systems.

Vortex Studio also includes several specialized simulation and visualisation modules: Vortex Vehicle Systems, Vortex Cable Systems and Vortex Earthwork Systems. Vortex Vehicle Systems enables the modelling of both wheeled and tracked ground vehicles and heavy equipment based on engineering specifications. Vortex Vehicle Systems simulates individual powertrain components, steering and suspension, allowing correct emergent behavior based on vehicle properties. It accurately simulates vehicle-terrain interactions, such as skidding, fishtailing, rollover and collision. Vortex Studio provides a highly-realistic virtual driving experience and better training outcomes.

Vortex Cable Systems allows the addition of cables, ropes, chains, winches and pulleys to equipment, enabling the simulation of ground- and ship-based cranes, as well as towing or recovery operations and robotic tethers.

Vortex Earthwork Systems simulates earthmoving operations such as digging, trenching, filling, etc. It allows the addition of tools such as blades and buckets to vehicles, and interaction with the soil. The dynamic terrain simulation is fully integrated with the Vortex Studio game-quality visual system and unique in the industry.

Vortex Studio is backed by CM Labs’ dedicated team of military vehicle dynamics experts, engineers, and 3-D software specialists — all focused on delivering the accuracy and flexibility you need to support skills training, operations planning, engineering development, and other simulation projects.


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