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This year marked the tenth anniversary of Creative Technologies Inc.’s (CTI) founding, when company leaders commercialized technical approaches they developed at the Army’s virtual reality research center, the Institute for Creative Technologies. A unique, woman-owned Hollywood-based small business, CTI develops and produces innovative immersive technologies for training, gaming, and marketing. CTI's simulation capabilities include technology research, application development, and systems integration for institutional, desktop, transportable and mobile use cases. The company's capabilities include interactive applications and creative visualization, from concept to delivery. CTI's government and commercial clients benefit from groundbreaking immersive, virtual/mixed-reality cognitive simulation products and services.

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Creative Technologies Inc. (CTI), rooted at the juncture of the Southern California technology and entertainment communities, is known for boundary-challenging concepts and reliable delivery. Leveraging the region’s talent that moves fluidly between motion picture and television production, games, and technology innovation, CTI composes world-class teams to tackle a broad range of challenges for our customers. In the last twelve months, CTI conceived a novel behavior-mining technology for an Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center including waypoint detection; spatial, temporal and contextual segmentation; and semantic labeling. The approach is keyed to a next-generation game engine. The blend typifies CTI’s problem-solving approach: combining user-experience innovation with next-generation back-end analytical technologies. Similarly, our work in training gamification for the Missile Defense Agency combined inverse reinforcement algorithms and dynamic Bayesian network-based (DBN) cognitive models with entertainment-grade in-game rewards and avatar upgrades.
This work was especially evident in our U.S. Navy next-generation maintenance trainer, funded through all options of the Phase II effort. The prototype character-based/DBN-powered work was expanded by nearly an order of magnitude to cover the entire curriculum of the Mk 45 Gunner’s Mate course final practical assessment. In this project, CTI also developed a rapid-prototyping solution for satisfying Navy information assurance requirements.

CTI continued to advance our agenda in small business innovation research winning two out three new contract pursuits in the latest round of topics. This work will produce tools for building pedagogically-sound mixed reality applications and the gamification of anti-submarine warfare simulation training. We are proud to be a member of Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc.’s Simulations and Training Engineering Services team with our focus on mixed reality research and simulation solutions.

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