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D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge motion systems intended for the entertainment and industrial markets. We offer the most optimized, interoperable, engaging and easy-to-deploy motion systems on the market.

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Enable operators to achieve maximum readiness. Develop their reflexes and muscle memory with an affordable COTS motion system that integrates seamlessly with the world's best simulation applications. D-BOX develops state-of-the-art COTS motion technology for training and simulation applications. Our motion systems are used anywhere people need to experience kinesthetic training for critical operations Army, Air Force and Navy training and analysis. Affordable and easy to integrate, D-BOX technology creates true-to-life, immersive motion effects when paired with high-fidelity simulation engines.

D-BOX motion systems enable users to develop highly reliable training applications that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics motion. By integrating our motion systems with a simulation engine, users gain a highly reliable simulator that responds to on-screen situations and user responses, using kinesthetic cues to build operators' psychomotor reflexes.

Engaging: Optimal simulation training is engaging enough to remove psychological barriers to learning, creating psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses trainees by replicating the platform's movement while using rich motion cueing to replicate vibrations, such as detonations, in the surrounding environment.

Affordable: Traditional training simulators are not necessarily optimal from a cost-benefit perspective. D-BOX motion systems deliver state-of-the-art simulation at a fraction of the price. What's more, our interoperability and ease of deployment further reduce the overall cost of deploying and managing a simulation training program.

Easy to Deploy: Operational requirements and situations can quickly develop and change, requiring simulation systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere, any time. An interoperable COTS solution, D-BOX technology is a game changer, thanks to its ease of installation, low electrical power requirements, low-shipment weight and reduced deployment time.

Interoperable: Easily integrate D-BOX technology with your existing simulators architecture. We rely on open APIs and communication standards to ensure that our motion systems easily interoperate with partner and client software.

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