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Company Overview

Dignitas Technologies LLC, a certified woman-owned small business founded in 2004, is providing system and software engineering services for the modeling and simulation community, with a mission to shape the future of simulation with innovative technology. Dignitas leads several Small Business Innovation Research projects and supports a wide range of large and small programs spanning the live, virtual and constructive domains across a diverse customer set. Dignitas has extensive experience and successful past performance in the development of key simulation systems, and provides expertise in management, research, engineering, and programming.

Product and Services

ARES: The Augmented Reality Sandtable is a traditional sand table augmented with a COTS projector, LCD monitor, laptop and voice and gesture sensors. The projected image overlay updates based on sand terrain features and can display dynamic scenario entities to represent tactical sand table exercises. Gestural control is being integrated to optimize user interaction, providing a naturalistic interface for enhanced training experiences.

C-nergy: The Correlation Synergy toolsets provide the ability to conduct automated and interactive testing of data integrity and correlation between modeling and simulation geospatial datasets. This product saves the customer time and money since it performs testing in an automated fashion.

Veritas 3-D Viewer: This provides a lightweight government purpose rights 2-D/3-D visualization capability integrated with SE Core terrain, CM2 visual models, VDIS protocol and OneSAF. The viewer runs as a stealth or model viewer and supports training, development, test and integration activities.

TTA: The Tactical Terrain Analysis app provides advanced terrain analysis algorithms to the dismounted soldier. TTA runs on Android and iOS mobile devices and supports functionality like line of sight, terrain modifications, routing and more.

TÜL: The TRACR Ultra Lite app serves as a mobile thin-client responsible for manipulating targets by interfacing through TRACR, a common target controller used at live-fire Army target ranges. The objective is to provide training facilitators at live fire ranges that control over range targets/devices and receive training results and status without the need to rely on personnel in a range tower. This product has been transitioned to the TRACR program and being fielded to Army sites for use on the ranges.

GIFT: The Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring is an empirically-based, service-oriented framework of tools, methods and standards to make it easier to author computer-based tutoring systems (CBTS), manage instruction and assess the effect of CBTS, components and methodologies.