Company Profile

Company Overview develops Hi-End automatic Projection Alignment and Calibration Technologies for Visual Display Systems for professional Simulation & Training environments, Fulldome, Planetarium, Media Based Attractions, Digital Cinema, Virtual & Augmented Reality Displays and Interactive Multimedia Experiences.® ProjectionTools are internationally acclaimed and undisputed as the most versatile and most accurate (multi-) camera-based automatic calibration solution on the market. ProjectionTools can interface and be integrated with any projector, image generator, warping/blending solution and media server on the market. The calibration system measures any arbitrary screen, allows unlimited number of channels (also IR) and works with any display size and -resolution.

Product and Services

Seamless multichannel projection is increasingly replacing tiled displays in many different markets and application areas – from professional simulation and training to entertainment and large-scale events. Multichannel projection covering the whole field of view is nowadays much better suited to immerse viewers in a virtual environment.
For real immersion the visual display system must have perfectly matched projection geometry and color as well as a homogeneous picture quality. The powerful® ProjectionTools enable operators to achieve these goals in a fast and easy manner: by employing one or more cameras to measure the screen and by calculating all required information for distortion correction (warping), blending as well as color correction, perfect alignment is a matter of minutes.
The fully automated, hardware-agnostic process based on test pattern projection, advanced machine vision and sophisticated mathematical methods is thus dramatically enhancing the quality of every visual display system.