Company Profile

Company Overview

E2M Technologies is a leading supplier of electric motion systems and control loading systems. Many hundreds of E2M systems are in use around the world. E2M introduced a new generation of electric motion. The large electric motion systems have been designed for (pilot) training simulators and have been immediately accepted by leading simulator builders. These systems feature better reliability, better motion quality, better diagnostics and better cueing than the current generation electric motion systems in use by most existing simulators, and are even better than some of the recently introduced units by other vendors. All these improvements are relevant to increase training efficiency. They result in higher uptimes and superior pilot immersion.

Product and Services

E2M Technologies is exclusively focussed on providing electric motion and control loading technology to the simulation industry. E2M produces some 20 standard motions systems, but can also customize if the motion requirement is not fulfilled by one of our standard products. We pride ourselves on creating the optimum motion solution for the required simulation experience. All our systems have an extremely high reliability, durability and state of the art safety system in common.