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Eduworks Corporation is a creative and growing small business that applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to improve human and team training and performance. We develop advanced text, voice and video analysis to drive innovation in training, education and talent management. Eduworks combines an active R&D program funded by the DoD and other federal agencies with a commercial division that serves customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies in national security, aviation, public health and safety, and publishing. Eduworks’ staff are frequent authors, speakers, and conference organizers; and serve on international standards boards.

Product and Services

TRADEM (Tools for the Rapid Development of Expert Models): Developing training content is a slow process that often results in little more than static content with knowledge checks. TRADEM is a data mining-enhanced tool suite to support content creators and improve results, using computational linguistics to reduce the time and effort required to develop engaging, adaptive training by an estimated up to 80%.

CASS (Competency and Skills Service): Technology-enriched learning environments can adapt instruction to individual users and record and track user progress. However, there has been little progress in making this data usable across learning environments and throughout a user’s career trajectory. CASS is being developed to achieve the competency portability necessary for serious games, simulations, intelligent tutors, and similar training systems to adapt to learners based on shared learner information as well as to ensure that an individual’s skills can be effectively recorded, transmitted, and interpreted as their career progresses.

Brahms-CAST (Brahms Contested Airspace Simulation Testbed): Because warfighters are part of a network that may involve ambiguous communications and dynamic roles, Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2AD) raises significant implications for how operators work with their intelligent associates. There is thus a need for training, concepts of operations, and tactics, techniques, and procedures to combat this threat. Brahms-CAST captures work practices of socio-technical systems to enable an airspace testbed for sophisticated simulation of contested and denied environments.

ANGLES Augmenting Next Generation Learning Environments with Stories): Stories can be powerful training tools, conveying tacit knowledge from experts or peers during routine social interaction. To harness the power of stories for learning, Eduworks is creating tools to support the collection, management and distribution of video story content. ANGLES is providing scalable tools utilizing commodity mobile devices and a novel “Stories-as-a-Service” capability to provide on-demand first-person narrative to enhance distributed and life-long learning.

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