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Company Overview

Engineering & Computer Simulations Inc. (ECS) is a pioneer in the simulation and training industry with more than two decades of experience in military contracting. The company designs training manuals, eLearning, modeling and simulations, game-based simulations, multiplayer virtual worlds, and immersive learning environments, including artificial intelligence, intelligent tutoring, and augmented and virtual realities. It ensures its products and services precisely represent a client’s workplace and challenges by concentrating on every detail and drawing from its experience and passion for human performance improvement. Its team of more than 100 employees serve clients within the U.S. and six countries worldwide.

Product and Services

Squad Overmatch
ECS designed simulations for a domain in Squad Overmatch – an integrated training approach that uses military studies on battlefield performance, stress response, leadership, communications, and tactical combat casualty care. ECS reconfigured injury scenarios from its Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) simulation to make it compatible with Virtual Battle Space 3 – the Army’s Games for Training combat simulation. The key to the program was to assist in making soldiers more resilient prior to deployments so they have less stress-related issues during and after deployments.

Veterans Affairs Virtual Medical Center
ECS designed the world's first fully immersive online VA Virtual Medical Center – a Horizon Interactive Gold Medal winner. It has also developed training scenarios for the VA-hospital system, including Crash Cart and Palliative Care. This system helps the VHA medical professionals provide better care for Veterans.

Medical Modeling and Simulation Training (MMAST)
As a contractor for the MMAST program, ECS is managing the integration of leading-edge medical modeling and simulation technology into both Air Force and Navy medical education and training, as well as supporting continuity platforms for students, residents, providers and allied health professionals.

USAF Installation Deployment Officer (IDO)
ECS is creating advanced immersive simulation training for the USAF IDO to maximize their effectiveness in the preparation and support of USAF units deploying overseas.

NATO Virtual Operation Headquarters (VOHQ)
The first Virtual Operation Headquarters (VOHQ) for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Allied Command Transformation (NATO-ACT) is an immersive 3D virtual world that enables NATO staff to connect and share information in real time, so they can rehearse and prepare for deployments or operational exercises.