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Offering perfect images for demanding simulations, eyevis specializes in the development and production of high-quality DLP projectors and further professional technologies for visual display systems. These include 3D-capable DLP rear-projection cubes in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, flexible omniSHAPES rear-projection units and a range of professional-grade LCD solutions, including 4K monitors. In addition to the display/projector hardware, eyevis provides image processing devices and corresponding software to achieve complete and perfectly running visual display systems.

Product and Services


Eyevis stand-alone projectors are well known for their reliability, robustness and image quality. The projectors were especially developed for sophisticated use in simulation systems. The projectors are available with five different resolutions from XGA up to WQXGA. A comprehensive range of available optics further enlarges possibilities of our projectors. According to the required throw distance, the geometry and the size of the projected image, customers can chose from different optics to achieve a perfect result.

The LED-lit projectors guarantee high light output, excellent image quality and outstanding robustness for long-term stable colours and brightness. Optionally, there is an Auto-Colour-Tracking (ACT) available, which continuously measures the values of the projectors in a multi-channel system and matches these to common settings. All components were chosen for their readiness for professional long-term operation. The rugged metal housing design of the projectors allows their use in high-vibration environments and motion-based simulations. The projectors can be up-graded for applications in stereo-projections, night-vision simulations, and optimized use in multi-channel applications.


For close-to seamless video walls in simulation environments eyevis DLP cubes are a proven alternative to front-projection systems or rear-projections on screens. The DLP cubes from the ecCUBE series an especially stable and high image quality thanks to LED-projection technology. The devices are available in various sizes and resolutions. Cubes can be assembled to video walls of any size, in straight arrays, curved or angled installations.

For the display of active-stereo three-dimensional image contents, our cubes can be supplied with 120 Hz image processing. Thanks to its little space requirement, thermal load and noise emission, and not least thanks to its modular design the eyevis 3D cube offers totally new possibilities for the planning and realization of high-quality VR systems.