Company Profile

Company Overview

FoxGuard Solutions is a privately held, ISO certified and ITAR registered Virginia-based small business focused on Industrial Computing, Compliance, and Cyber Security. With a recent focus on Simulation & Training and expertise in NIST, customers can utilize our 35+ years of experience in designing, configuring, integrating, and supporting computers, rack systems, and cyber security. Our expertise ranges from solutions design, image development, testing and diagnostics, system certification, regulatory and export compliance, to fulfillment and field support.

Product and Services

• FoxGuard Solutions has designed a new brand family of computers, SimITAR, to support the Simulation and Training industry. The SimITAR Force is a high-end desktop computer built in collaboration with Bohemia Interactive Solutions to optimize software driven training scenarios. The SimITAR Force is highlighted in Bohemia’s demo room located in the Central Florida Research Park and features the ASUS Prime Z270 Motherboard, NVIDIA Quadro P5000 graphics and supports VBS3 and VBS Blue.

• The SimITAR Flex was introduced at ITEC in Rotterdam, NL in May 2017 and recently showcased at the Team Orlando Industry Capability Day in July. SimITAR Flex, a 2U short-depth computer with a rackmount option, is designed for form factor reduction and flexible configuration choices to optimize image generator performance and cost. The Flex can be configured with two NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics cards or a single graphics card with PCI expansion.

• FoxGuard provides custom computer design and configuration services to the Simulation and Training industry as well as sourcing off-the-shelf computer components for the lowest cost, technically acceptable solution. Products can be delivered in fully integrated racks or enclosures. FoxGuard maintains and extends the life of designs through a comprehensive lifecycle management program, reviews designs for regulatory compliance and ensures international shipments meet export compliance requirements. FoxGuard develops and installs customer images and ensures software and operating system compatibility to provide turnkey computing solutions.