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GBvi designs and builds multi-channel optical blending solutions for challenging projection environments, with no limit to display size, screen shape or projector count.

Our heritage in the field of projection display systems places us uniquely to continually innovate to accommodate developments in display design and projector technologies. We fit into the “back end” of visual systems, providing high-performance optical blending solutions for the most complex displays; in particular where seamlessness is key to training effectiveness, regardless of scene content. By specialising in this niche, we can enable any display or visual systems integrator to product the optimum end result.

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When deep black levels are critical to simulated training environments, our projector edge blending solutions maintain an even black level across multi-channel projected displays, enhancing the perception of life-like imagery. The result is an absence of any residual light distractions or artifacts that would otherwise be found in digitally blended displays.

Our Chronos optical blending technologies enable display system designers and integrators to overcome the hurdles faced when using digital projectors in dark environments, namely, channel overlap visibility and compromised display system contrast and dynamic range resulting from projector light leakage. Our continuously refined design tools and processes enable a consistent yet highly customised approach, working closely with our customers to help make the display system the best it can be, at lowest risk to the program.

Chronos has been successfully implemented on WUXGA, WQXGA and 4K single-chip DLP, WUXGA and 4K 3-chip DLP and 4K LCOS projectors, including lamp, laser-phosphor and LED illuminated models. We continually adapt to projector technologies as they evolve and develop. Our products can be applied to most projection configurations:

• Simple single-level arrays

• Complex multi-level arrays

• Domes and partial domes

• Front & rear projection

• Collimated displays

Applications include:

• Out-the-window simulation & training

• Flight Simulation: fixed & rotary wing

• Ground vehicle simulation

• Medical training

• Security & defence

• Night vision

Our supporting services are highly regarded since we help each customer succeed with their whole display challenge. Key to our products are our proprietary design tools and algorithms that enable us to turn optical blend challenges into deterministic solutions. We have transformed something notoriously difficult and unpredictable into something straightforward and predictable for integrators – often allowing for blends to be in place from day one of installation.

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