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Laerdal Medical is a major manufacturer of medical equipment and medical training products. Laerdal Medical, one of the world’s leading providers of Healthcare Solutions, is dedicated to helping save lives. Laerdal serves healthcare providers and educators with products and services for Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Simulation, Airway Management, Immobilization, Patient Care, Self-directed Learning and Medical Education. For over fifty years, Laerdal Medical has provided the global healthcare community with clinical task training and high fidelity manikin products. Laerdal provides training solutions to the US military for training the full spectrum of care from point of injury tactical combat casualty care through clinical treatment.

Product and Services

Laerdal recognizes that today’s military medical services not only care for wounded soldiers but also shoulder a requirement to care for a variety of noncombat medical conditions including pregnant servicemembers, displaced civilians, refugees, and disaster victims. This requires training and education for patient care in both non-clinical and clinical care environments. It is important for a pregnancy to be treated properly in the entire continuum of care from the emergency transportation if needed, pre-natal care, to Labor & Delivery, through post-partum care.

Changes in the educational methods for OB, Labor and Delivery and with instructors conducting more mobile and in-situ training, Laerdal adapted to make innovative redesign to the already successful SimMom Manikin Product-line making her more realistic and the training more effective for the caregiver.

To present more realistic training Laerdal has developed tetherless additions to the SimMom high-fidelity Manikin. This new design has integrated the previously tethered (external) compressor and control Link Box into the manikin design. Our dedication to minimize the simulation footprint and increase reality in training led us to recognize a need to remove the cables, cords and tubing. First, we added internal compressors and Wi-Fi connections to allow for much greater mobility. Removing the power cord requirement, SimMom operates for up to 3 hours on the internal battery. Recognizing a need for training post-partum hemorrhage, we introduced an increased capacity blood reservoir which allows more realistic training in for the identification and treatment of the post-partum hemorrhage. By adding the flat abdominal skin, customers can include early stage pregnancy cases and women’s health issues. And finally, with our SonoSim Ultrasound solution customers can increase the functionality by incorporating diagnostic ultrasound training for a more robust, full-scale training experience.

With these innovative and effective upgrades, SimMom is the most versatile and realistic female simulator available.