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Lockheed Martin is the premier provider of innovative solutions for mission readiness and sustainment. Our skilled employees provide fast-turn, high-quality solutions and services for customers in more than 100 locations worldwide. Our focus is helping customers achieve mission success anytime and anywhere by offering a full range of training, engineering, integration and test support. From teaching aircrews to fly the world’s most advanced fighter jet to developing the live-virtual-constructive environment of tomorrow, Lockheed Martin transforms technology into affordable mission readiness solutions.

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Lockheed Martin offers “scio” smart, tech-driven solutions that give you the power to leverage the next generation of training and simulation solutions for air, land, and sea missions.

SciosTrain™ offers a full range of training systems from desktops to mission simulators for state of the art platform training.

SciosLive™ baseline systems and technology focuses on mission success and warfighter safety through live, virtual and constructive training environments using augmented/virtually reality to provide state of the art training.

SciosReady™ is our proven student focused, performance-based solution that integrates all aspects of training to include the provision of aircraft, simulators, courseware and instruction.

Prepar3D®: A visual simulation platform integrated into our Lockheed Martin product lines that allows users to create training scenarios across aviation, maritime and ground domains.

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