Company Profile

Company Overview

LSI is a DoD training company, providing leading edge training systems, virtual interactive environment training, full-motion simulator upgrades, desktop simulations, courseware development, technical data support, training support and instructor services. LSI is a principal subcontractor to major defense companies, providing training services and products for 37 years, and has served as the training contractor for all services and numerous foreign militaries delivering a wide variety of training products and services. LSI’s more than 450 professionals directly provide training services and products, earning impressive CPARS ratings since the inception of the government CPARS system.

Product and Services

LSI continues to develop database-centric production tools and processes that deliver training products fully conformant with the latest standards (SCORM, Navy ILE, MIL-PRF-29612B and Army TRADOC). LSI has courseware production experience in virtually every military distributed learning program. Over the past 20 years, LSI has developed thousands of hours of courseware for military pilots, flight crews and maintenance personnel. LSI also develops cockpit and subsystem simulations for several Army aviation platforms.

LSI’s in-house courseware development tool, Venus 2 Enterprise (V2E) produces training content that is compatible with any modern internet browser, including those used on mobile devices. We achieve this by employing the Hypertext Markup Language, Version 5 (HTML5) standard. HTML5 content is rendered natively in the browser and does not rely on third party plug-ins, such as Flash. This approach future-proofs the training content; increasing compatibility and enhancing security. Our V2E content development tool contains built-in configuration management, versioning, and comment/discrepancy tracking features. It is scalable from small team use to large enterprise level courseware development.

LSI’s simulation department embraces leading-edge technologies to design, build, and deploy maintenance training devices for our Army customers. Just recently we were recognized in Army Aviation Magazine for our outstanding AH-64E L-7AY maintenance trainers.

LSI is also actively involved with operator training devices for both the Army and Navy, having built the AH-64D/E Modernized TADS Selected Tasks Trainers (DOS accredited operator devices), and the Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) and Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainers (DMRT) training devices.

Finally, LSI has been a leader in design and deployment of virtual training devices to our customers. We have used multiple engines to provide content for our Army and Navy customers, and remain on the leading edge of technology with our work with the Microsoft HoloLens