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Using state-of-the-art training simulators much like those used by fighter pilots, CENTS was developed in 2006 to support cyber training for the US Air Force. CENTS® provides a powerful, realistic, risk-free simulated environment for training, developing and testing response actions to routine, zero-day, and catastrophic events.

In use throughout the Department of Defense, state, local governments and universities, Metova CyberCENTS SLAM-R® Cyber Range technology provides an electronic environment that simulates a real world computer and network workspace, providing a safe learning space for Cyber professionals to train, exercise and learn how to defend their network.

Product and Services

SLAM-R (Sentinel-Legion-Autobuild-Myrmidon-Reconstitution) provides the needed synthetic and virtual elements for a fully immersive cyber operations environment. SLAM-R provides the needed features and effects of a real-world network operations center or a global Internet environment. SLAM-R includes a virtual population of thousands of clients and servers, all interoperating within a virtual Internet with data traffic emulating and standard user operations such as web surfing, email, and file server access.

SLAM-R version 2.8 offers a number of new features and updates including the ability to import and export virtual machines, support for multi-disk virtual machines, a Global Traffic Tracker, an updated attack library, updates to the Graphic User Interface and multiple content updates.

Legion — The Simulator’s Networked Environment Legion provides network traffic, root DNS, and the Internet environment. Traffic is varied and random — emulating actual network traffic. Past performance has shown that participants easily can identify the unvaried traffic from a traffic generator designed for throughput and bandwidth testing.

Sentinel — Monitoring and Status Reporting Sentinel monitors and reports on the status of each event as it executes, the attack/scenario module. Student actions and responses can be tracked based on the success of each event.

Autobuild — Automated Simulator Builds Autobuild connects to appropriate servers or devices and builds them from standard configuration files. This automated build results in a consistent baseline by removing the element of human error, and allows the simulator to be built quicker.

Myrmidon — Runtime Scenarios and Events The Myrmidon attack/scenario module allows the evaluator to control the environment during training sessions and exercises. Attacks are instantiated as events. An event is an activity that a hostile entity might use to reconnoiter and attack a network. The evaluator chooses a scenario from a menu, loads the scenario, and presses an on-screen “play” button.

Reconstitution – Simulator Snapshots and Re-baselining Reconstitution allows easy re-roll of the simulator to a previous state by keeping “snapshots” of equipment and machine baselines. Multiple sets of preconfigured baselines can be kept to provide differing levels of complexity for participants.