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Company Overview

Motion Reality assembled a talented team of mechanical and electrical engineers, computer software and hardware scientists, 3D animators and artists, mathematicians and bio-mechanists, to develop and integrate the required myriad of technologies necessary to create an optimal immersive virtual reality experience. The resultant simulator is the world’s most accurate, real-time human motion capture and simulation technology for the military, law enforcement, entertainment, and sports markets. The scientifically accurate full-body, real-time motion capture, and dynamics data features embedded in Motion Reality’s technologies were used in motion pictures such as the Lord of the Rings and Avatar.

Product and Services

Motion Reality’s 3D Immersive Virtual Reality simulators are based on proprietary mechanics to analyze the human body. This involves accurately capturing in real-time the spatial motions of a subject’s skeleton and scaling the subject’s skeleton to a graphical avatar of identical dimensional fidelity which then drives the resulting customized avatar’s skeleton with the subject’s real-time body motions.

Motion Reality technologies have a number of issued patents and several additional patent applications, with certain significant aspects of the technologies also being maintained on a proprietary basis as trade secrets. The engineering accuracy of our proprietary approach simultaneously provides the underlying 3D dynamics data in real-time for immediate feedback. It also provides immersive virtual reality interactions with other virtual characters, objects, and environments and provides for detailed database generation. Biomechanical performance data on any body part is available during or immediately after an immersion session. An immediate quantitative after action review displays the results of the session and this feedback enhances the training and learning experience. Our real-time optical tracking methods, although highly sophisticated, do not require any operator interaction or post-analysis/correction.

Our technology tracks humans in large volumes, up to 5,000 square feet, in which up to 12 people have complete freedom to simultaneously move and interact naturally without any wires, tethers, or constraints. Subjects perform naturally as in real life; there are no joysticks or controllers. In our immersive virtual reality systems, wireless head mounted displays provide each subject with a stereoscopic view of any virtual environment from every conceivable perspective. Our technology optimizes all factors cited as critical for creating the sense of “presence” in an immersive virtual reality system. Live subjects not only interact with other live subjects but also with artificially intelligent, non-player characters, whose behaviors are dependent on the live subjects’ behaviors.