Company Profile

Company Overview

PAE is a leading provider of enduring support for the essential missions of the U.S. government, its allied partners and international organizations. PAE’s operational footprint expands across the globe, to all seven continents and in over 60 countries. To support our customer’s complex missions around the world, PAE’s current portfolio includes capabilities in global logistics operations, infrastructure and range management, sustainment solutions, adjudication support services and counter-threat solutions. With these capabilities, PAE employees ensure the readiness of the U.S. government to implement homeland security, defense and civil government missions as well as foreign policy and national security objectives around the world.

Product and Services

As part of our counter-threat portfolio, PAE provides multi-dimensional intelligence, technology and training solutions. We are trusted by the U.S. and partner nation governments to provide specialized training across a spectrum of national security operations, ranging from facility security procedures to counter-threat technology to be used in theater. Our team of curriculum developers, master instructors and Subject Matter Experts manage the full range of training operations, ensuring successful outcomes for geographically dispersed training audiences working in dynamic and evolving environments.

To support these trainings, PAE distributes thousands of mission focused products and specialized kits around the world. We procure, integrate, pack and ship sensitive materials in any operational and physical environment to support on-demand logistics requirements.

We design and manufacture Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training aids that accurately replicate IEDs found domestically and in global theaters of operation. Our devices are fully functional and can be used with pyrotechnic and non-pyrotechnic IED blast simulators for realistic training scenarios. PAE’s multipronged methodology ensures product relevancy. Our experts are part of a global cadre who push real-time event data from the battlefield to our training device builders who replicate prototypes within days of discovery of new devices. We have the capability to custom design solutions to meet customer requirements.

Our products are:

• Realistic and relevant improvised explosive devices (IED) training aids

• Open source web intelligence for real-time threat analysis

• Reverse engineered products

• ISO 9001:2008 certified for the provision of anti-terrorism and counterterrorism program management solutions and services

• Scalable and customizable mission-focused kits

Authorized distributor of:

• Alford Technologies breaching, demolition, and IED defeat tools

• Alluviam HazMasterG3 CBRNE Decision Support

• DetectaChem Seeker Explosives/Drug Detector

• RedXDefense XCAT Explosive/Drug Detector

• Explotrain X-0 Explosive Simulators and Blasting Cap Transmitters