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Company Overview

PLEXSYS provides training solutions for the C4ISR and fighter/bomber communities through M&S systems and integration tools. Concentrations include the development of HLA/DIS-compliant Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) environment generation technologies used throughout the Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) and other high-fidelity simulations. PLEXSYS also provides superior mission brief/debrief technologies, as well as synthetic communications training solutions. PLEXSYS is an original partner in the Air Force DMO program, and is internationally known for its long-haul networked training venues and expansive modeling and simulation expertise. PLEXSYS continues to be a leading participant in DMO and LVC technology development programs worldwide.

Product and Services

Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) is an environment generation (EG) tool for creating the high-fidelity immersive background for today's 21st century synthetic battlespace. The system provides a robust war-gaming and mission rehearsal capabilities for real-time LVC training. ASCOT is an EG that can create air, land, surface, sub-surface and lifeform entities, along with emitters, data-links and weapons needed to provide a constructive battlespace for virtual simulators to train in.

Video, Audio, and Data for After-Action Review (VADAAR) is a group of different software components that make up a connection framework. VADAAR allows you to stream, record, and review, any video, audio, and data source, over any distance, using computer networks rather than traditional AV hardware.

PLEXComm is a multi-role comprehensive suite of communication capabilities. It contains numerous LVC training solutions to include scripted voice, virtual radio, advanced user interface and degraded environment injects.

The latest radio simulation software offered from PLEXSYS is sonomarc. It is simulation at its best, and is designed for use across multiple platforms. It addresses the training needs for fighter cockpits, civilian aviation, and ground base communications. It incorporates COTS and custom hardware along with intuitive user interfaces to provide user customizable solutions for communications simulation needs. Radio models, terrain effects and environmental audio along with remote control capabilities allowing for software manipulation from third-party controls, all combine to make this a comprehensive product that can easily provide communications simulation for your new simulator or replace aging equipment.

OnScene Commander (OSC) is a tool designed to present mission-relevant, actionable information fostering time-critical decision making. Emergency Management operations supported include, but are not limited to Wild Firefighting, Natural Disaster Response and Recovery, and Search and Rescue Support. OSC utilizes real-time and near real-time tools to provide valuable service in all these situations.