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Company Overview

PULAU is an internationally recognized leader in training and simulation supporting the US Army and the Army National Guard, as well as NATO countries. Our innovative solution for simulated medical training provides PULAU customers a cost-effective building block for the sustainment of medical operators. It allows operators to maintain their qualifications in a realistic simulation environment that ensures their key senses are exercised and challenged. Additionally, its flexibility means that training can take place at their back door or in the field, so whatever their needs, they can train with their team as a collective force.

Product and Services

PULAU was awarded a contract by the U.S. Army to upgrade Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTC) and outfit four new MTSC facilities. Once we successfully completed all phases of this contract — on time and within budget — we developed the medical suite lease solution.

Our solution meets what the commanders and leaders said was needed: a flexible solution to facilitate training in garrison, in the field or wherever the unit deploys. Our state-of-the-art training system immerses the student into a simulated, yet highly-realistic environment, stimulating a student’s sight, hearing, smell, and touch by using commercially available equipment.

Our budget-friendly and flexible lease options include a complete, turnkey operation. Seasoned instructors, operators, and maintainers, and PULAU are responsible for all levels of sustainment, as well as committed to keeping our system equipped with the latest in technology.

We make it easy. The customer provides the students and PULAU does the rest.