Company Profile

Company Overview

Silkan designs and delivers leading edge technological solutions addressing complex system environments such as simulation, real time and on-board equipment domains. These solutions are innovative and internally developed using the technical and industrial know-how of the company.

In the Training Simulation area, Silkan offers aircraft simulation solutions that improve the efficiency of the crew training therefore contributing to a higher level of operational safety.

Product and Services

Silkan introduces STARPASS, a full-featured simulation solution addressing the full range of training needs for the operating crew or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), from ab-initio to complex mission rehearsal.

Based on a modular and reconfigurable design, STARPASS offers in its basic turnkey configuration: a simulated ground control station; an instructor operating station; RPAS models (airborne vector and payloads) and training scenarios enabling the immersion of the trainees in complex and representative operational environments.

STARPASS may also be customized to match specific user’s requirements (drone or sensors specific models, control station, virtual environments and training scenarios). or can be proposed as a multi trainee stations configuration connected on a network (Classroom configuration).

STARPASS is also interoperable as a simulation asset in distributed simulation federations in order to perform combined operation training exercises (proven capability during the Eurosatory 2016 show).

Silkan is able to develop high fidelity aircraft models or to integrate the simulator in the real RPAS system to build a full representative embedded simulation solution offering an « anytime, and anywhere » training capability even on the field of operation.