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Company Overview

SIMETRI develops creative technologies to transform the state of the practice of medical and/or health care training. Simetri works hand-in-hand with customers to define requirements for new technologies to fill critical training gaps with cost-effective solutions that are optimized through technological advancements. SIMETRI continually collaborates with stakeholders to identify and solve training challenges while rigorously evaluating training effectiveness. SIMETRI integrates research, development, and engineering across disciplines ranging from state of-the-art special effects to basic material science coupled with sound systems engineering discipline.

Product and Services

SIMETRI anatomical models and training systems offer user-based maintenance, high-reliability and automated data collection with wireless management and performance analysis while convincing trainees they are treating real patients, and thus enabling first responder readiness. SIMETRI training systems are adaptable to numerous types of training with different levels of complexity, and with interchangeable hardware and software modules, it can be modified and upgraded at any time, making it an effective way to train, as well as long-lasting and cost-effective. SIMETRI is continuing work on the Humeral Head I/O Insertion Training System, for which they recently received a SBIR Phase II contract. In partnership with the Army Research Lab HRED Simulation and Training Technology Center, they are continuing to develop the only realistic training capability for first responders for the rapid and life-saving intravenous delivery via the Humeral Head. Prior to SIMETRI's work, the training capability available consisted of a hard, unrealistic humeral head model that did not feel real or have haptic feedback, and also left prominent indicators of previous insertion attempts. SIMETRI's HHIO training system consists of a realistic arm model and allows numerous trainee insertion attempts without leaving any indication of the insertion. Usability evaluations conducted with trainees and instructors rated the training system an average of 6 on a scale from 0 to 7. SIMETRI has focused on evolving the HHIO Training System and is expecting to commercialize the product in 2018. SIMETRI continues to explore a more realistic, durable and cost-effective approach to simulating human tissues through material science research resulting in prototype simulated skin, fascia, adipose, veins, and fluids that can be integrated into existing training systems and anatomical models. Usability evaluations conducted with trainees and Instructors provide feedback and insight regarding the benefit to training/meeting training objectives, usability, realism, physiological/anatomical accuracy and motivation to use our training systems and technologies.