Company Profile

Company Overview

SimiGon is a provider of advanced, scalable training and simulation technologies and solutions. Our technology platform, SIMbox, supports live, virtual, constructive and command and control training systems utilized in the military training industry's largest programs. SimiGon's enterprise training environment features high-fidelity 3-D simulation, and may be fully integrated with learning management, content management and resource management capabilities. SIMbox supports air, land, sea and industrial simulation environments capable for individual, collective and joint forces training. SIMbox includes an easy-to-use content development suite, enabling rapid development of SCORM 2004 simulations with an intelligent tutor, after-action review/playback and distributed mission operations.

Product and Services

1. SIMbox SDK to support simulation content development
2. SIMbox ISD Toolkit to support SBT courseware and CGF development
3. SIMbox Server provides enterprise training system functionality for your organization
4. SIMbox Turnkey Solutions include F-16 Block 52 DTT and courseware for Aircrew and Maintainers; T-6A DTT and FTD; Cessna Caravan FTD; Sensor Operator training for manned and unmanned ISR; TMS Enterprise to support all organization training and resource management
5. Contractor Logistics Support - SimiGon offers CLS to military and commercial customers to maintain their simulators
6. Services – SimiGon offers turnkey services for training and simulation software development