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Company Overview

The Slitherine group is a collection of companies (Slitherine Ltd, Matrix games Ltd, Wargamer Ltd & Ageod Ltd) working on the edge of the professional and commercial gaming space. The group develops strategy and wargames that serve the commercial gaming community but also have a range of uses for the military and its contractors. Our flagship titles include Command Modern Air & Naval Operations, Harpoon and Close Combat, all of which have been in use with the US military or its contractors. The group licenses its software and undertakes bespoke work.

Product and Services

Command : Modern Air & Naval Operations, developed with Warfaresims Ltd, is a Battlespace Environment that allows the user to simulate modern air and naval engagements. It models every ship, aircraft, sensor and ground air defence for every nation around the works in great detail. It has been used for training, R&D of new weapons systems, strategic planning and more. Harpoon is a predecessor to Command. It covers the same scope and scale but is older software and has been replaced by Command. Close Combat is a small unit infantry tactics simulation that gives very realistic small scale command decision options. It has a detailed psychological model that sets apart from any other simulation of its type. We have around 300 other games and simulations covering every period of history and every scale many of which are used for staff training. We release around 30 new games per year.