Company Profile

Company Overview

Stirling Dynamics is a fast-growing, advanced engineering company that delivers a range of advanced training and simulation products into major defence and R&D programmes. Everything we do is underpinned by our company mission statement:

• To deliver innovative technical services and technology solutions into our core markets
• To build sustainable, beneficial relationships between suppliers, clients and institutions
• To be recognised as an innovator and catalyst of new technologies
• To continue to make valuable investments for the future through education, research and development

Product and Services

We supply active cockpit technology, specifically Active Flight Controls and Motion Cueing Seats for fast jet, helicopter and business jet Flight Training Devices. We have a growing product line with hundreds of units deployed around the world.

Stirling Dynamics was integral to the development of active control technology through US SBIR and UK government funded military research programmes, dating back to the early 1990s. We are proud to hold many industry and technology firsts, including supplying the controls for the first ever, fully-active fly-by-wire fixed-wing and helicopter flights. Today, we supply the active sticks and throttles for the F-35 pilot training simulators and continue to break new ground in cockpit control technology.
Our pilot controls (sticks, throttles, cyclics, collectives and pedals) are used in training and development simulators around the world. These controls are extremely compact and fully active. The key features of our active controls include: small space claim, real-time configurable feel, force feedback and tactile cueing, electronically linkable, easily integrated and can replicate any aircraft.

Stirling’s advanced motion cueing technology significantly enhances the simulation training environment. Our electrically actuated g-seats and dynamic seats provide highly realistic motion cues to pilots without the expense of a full motion platform. Motion cues are provided to the pilot through actuation built into the seats itself. Our control software then ties these cues into the flight simulator, which in-turn replicates the feel of the aircraft in flight.

Stirling has developed seats for Hawk MK128, KAI T-50 Golden Eagle and AW159 Wildcat simulators, as well as providing several customers with our generic helicopter and fixed wing seats. The key features of our motion cueing seats include small space claim, helicopter and fixed wing variants, integration of other pilot systems (such as anti-g suits) and open software interfaces.