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Company Overview

Stottler Henke applies artificial intelligence and other advanced software technologies to solve problems that defy solution using traditional approaches. We deliver innovative, practical software solutions for education and training, planning and scheduling, knowledge management and discovery, decision support, and autonomous systems.

Product and Services

Students learn concepts and skills more quickly when they receive one-on-one instruction. Stottler Henke develops intelligent tutoring systems that provide the benefits of one-on-one training, automatically and cost-effectively. These systems encode the subject matter and teaching expertise of experienced instructors, using artificial intelligence (AI) software technologies and cognitive psychology findings to monitor student actions, assess performance, and provide individualized hints and feedback, automatically. Stottler Henke's fielded intelligent training systems teach diverse subjects spanning tactical decision making, command and control, cockpit and equipment operations, network trouble shooting, sensor data analysis, stability and reconstruction progress measurement, teamwork, and intelligence analysis.

Stottler Henke also develops tools that accelerate the development of intelligent simulation behaviors, intelligent tutors, and knowledge management systems. The SimBionic® intelligent agent toolkit lets you define intelligent behaviors by drawing and configuring enhanced, finite state machines that execute in parallel. SimBionic behaviors are used to track sequences of student actions within training exercises and scenarios to identify knowledge and skill gaps and assess their performance. SimBionic also enables rapid development of intelligent real-time behaviors of simulated entities, such as computer-generated forces, to support free-play training simulations. Our TaskGuide system enables rapid authoring of adaptive training tutorials, performance support systems, branching scenarios, adaptive questionnaires, and debriefing systems that present a step-by-step, wizard-like user interface.