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Sundog Software provides virtual oceans, skies, 3-D volumetric clouds and weather effects to training and simulation developers. Built for the unique requirements of the simulation and training industry, our SilverLining Sky, 3-D Cloud and Weather SDK and Triton Ocean SDK bring physical realism and immersion to synthetic natural environments at unprecedented frame-rates. Our proven software is used by hundreds of the leading simulation companies and government agencies worldwide. Leave your environmental effect requirements to us; we can represent any sea state, weather conditions or time of day quickly and easily within your visual software.

Product and Services

The Triton Ocean SDK simulates thousands of 3-D waves at hundreds of frames per second, simulating Beaufort scales 1-9 with the most advanced real-time wave models available today. Triton creates cinema-quality ocean visuals based on realistic physics, and simulates the effects of wind fetches, swells from distant storms, ship wakes, rotor wash, water impacts from projectiles, foam, spray and much more. Fast height queries allow you to power realistic ship motion using Triton's waves. Triton may also be integrated with existing wave models to provide a fast, visually convincing representation of your dynamic ocean surface. The SilverLining Sky, 3-D Cloud, and Weather SDK simulates realistic skies and volumetric clouds for any time, location and weather conditions on the planet. Using multiple volumetric rendering techniques, SilverLining will represent conditions from clear to overcast using clouds suitable for flight training. Under constant refinement since 2006, SilverLining's realism and performance exceed the most demanding training requirements.

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